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Here at Soltanian Real Estate Inc. Brokerage we govern a positive, family oriented, and multicultural atmosphere.


We offer a competition-free environment where we encourage our agents to grow as individuals on a diverse team working toward their goals. We understand how aggressively competitive the real estate industry can be and strive to create an office culture focused on growth and collaboration in a positive, approachable atmosphere. Our brokerage integrates team work which creates a strong union and office culture like no other. As an exciting real estate brokerage backed by years of experience in the industry, we’re making waves in the Toronto real estate market.

Let Us Offer You The Keys To Success


We believe in self-improvement as a core philosophy. We've put together extensive training and continuing education programs for all levels of real estate. Whether you’ve just started on your path to becoming a great real estate sales representative or you are a top producing agent, we have the right tools to elevate your career.




Coaching and Mentoring

We start with a simplified step-by-step breakdown of your professional goals and how to achieve them using our proven methods and offer follow-up coaching appointments to keep you on track toward your goals. We also offer mentoring from our Broker of Record, one of the most successful realtors in the Toronto real estate industry.




Social Media Marketing

Online exposure is as important as ever in the real estate industry. We realize to stay ahead of the curve we have to have an online presence and edge. Interactive Social Media Marketing creates exposure for our Realtors and Listings through the brokerage's various social media accounts. We also offer one-on-one consultations for marketing, social media and branding for our realtors looking to expand their brand.

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Concierge Style Service

We use the term World Class Service frequently, and it's not something we take lightly. We believe in it as a philosophy. To be World Class means to be the best at what you do, no matter how big or small the role. That's one of our company's Core Values. We strive to serve as a resource for the many different administrative aspects of your real estate career. So whether its to type an offer or to find you that 5 star restaurant to take your clients to, We Can Do That!





Access To Exclusive Listings

As one of our realtors, you will have VIP access to the many Listings exclusive to Soltanian Real Estate Inc. Brokerage. As the demand continues to grow for properties in the Toronto real estate market, access to this supply will arm you with a significant advantage among the tens of thousands of other realtors.


We are proud to announce our collaboration with Richard Robbins International (RRi), a company renowned for their training and coaching solutions in real estate. Our brokerage has decided to invest in their immersive training programs, and we are one of the few brokerages to make this available to our realtors at no extra charge. This is a great tool provided to you by us to help you reach your career goals.

Office and Facilities


We believe our office should be a reflection of our clients’ amazing luxury properties, so we’ve made our newly renovated, state of the art office stand out from the rest. Interior Design is important to us not only because our Broker of Record is an interior designer, but because we want our office to reflect our vision and make a clear statement about our company culture. The office is located at 175 Willowdale Avenue and offers a number of modern features including:

  • Full service front desk staff
  • 24-hour answering service
  • 2 beautiful board rooms with state of the art equipment (TV display computer, Google Chromecast, Apple TV)
  • Private offices for agents available on the 3rd floor
  • Meeting room with projector for all our in-office training
  • Automated electronic entry for added security
  • Full service administration staff
  • Private offices available for our realtors
  • Creation of custom QR Codes
  • State of the Art Technological Equipment
  • Lead Generation

Agent Testimonials

<div class="testimonial"> <div class="image"><img alt="Clair Jung Testimonial Image" class="rlgn-responsive-img" src="/web/Clair%20Jung.jpg" style="width: 286px; height: 400px;" /></div> <div class="text"> <p class="quote"><em>The BEST brokerage in the GTA! I switched from a licensed real estate assistant role to a full time sales representative. The transition was worrying for me as I was leaving a comfortable salaried job. Sharon and the management at Soltanian Real Estate Inc, Brokerage gave me the guidance and motivation I needed to put me on the fast track to success. Within just 4 months my income has doubled from the previous year and to my surprise I won the Gold Award for 2016! I couldn&#39;t imagine being with any other Brokerage, as no one can offer me what Soltanian Real Estate Inc, Brokerage provides: Incomparable service and genuine compassion and care toward their realtors.</em></p> <p class="name"><strong>- Clair Jung, Sales Representative</strong></p> </div> </div>
<div class="testimonial"> <div class="image"><img alt="Clair Jung Testimonial Image" class="rlgn-responsive-img" src="/web/yashar%20and%20al.png" style="width: 536px; height: 400px;" /></div> <div class="text"> <p class="quote"><em>You become the best when you work with the BEST! Soltanian Real Estate is a dynamic firm with a large volume of business and successful track record in sales. The focus of this firm is based on knowledge transfer, coaching through seminars and mentoring programs, which provide a successful career path for their agents. We are very fortunate to have experienced staff with a high level of knowledge, and their hard working mentality, which makes our jobs more productive.</em></p> <p class="name"><strong>- Yashar Einy, Broker &amp; Al Pirdavari, Sales Representative</strong></p> </div> </div>
<div class="testimonial"> <div class="image"><img alt="Clair Jung Testimonial Image" class="rlgn-responsive-img" src="/web/Amir%20Nouri.jpg" style="width: 286px; height: 400px;" /></div> <div class="text"> <p class="quote"><em>Soltanian Real Estate is a great brokerage with amazing support. It really does make a difference when you work with the best in the industry. The staff is highly efficient and professional, and the support and training provided has really helped launch my real estate career to the next level. Soltanian Real Estate has provided me with the proper tools to become a successful realtor, this paired with the mentoring the Soltanian&rsquo;s provide me, there is no other brokerage that can offer me what Soltanian Real Estate has provided.</em></p> <p class="name"><strong>- Amir Aghajan Nouri, Sales Representative</strong></p> </div> </div>

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